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第三单元 英语 1-20)

Part One

Direction: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then, mark the letter A. B. C or D on your answer sheet.

1. As my exams are coming next week, I'll take advantage of the weekend to

________ on some reading.

A. catch up

B. clear up 

C. make up

D. pick up

2. Mary hopes to be ________ from hospital next week.

A. dismissed 

B. discharged 

C. expelled 

D. resigned

3. Once a picture is proved to be a forgery, it becomes quite ________.

A. invaluable 

B. priceless 

C. unworthy 

D. worthless

4. Jimmy earns his living by ________ works of art in the museum.

A. recovering 

B. restoring 

C. renewing 

D. reviving

5. I couldn't sleep last night because the tap in the bathroom was ________.

A. draining 

B. dropping 

C. spilling 

D. dripping

6. The book gives a brief ________ of the course of his research up till now.

A. outline 

B. reference

C. frame 

D. outlook

7. She was sanding outside in the snow, ________ with cold.

A. spinning 

B. shivering 

C. shaking 

D. staggering

8. All the rooms on the second floor have nicely ________ carpets, which are included in the price of the house.

A. adapted 

B. equipped

C. suited 

D. fitted

9. He plays tinnis to the ________ of all other sports.

A. eradication 

B. exclusion 

C. extension 

D. inclusion

10. She answered with an ________ "No" to the request that she attend the public hearing.

A. eloquent

B. effective 

C. emotional 

D. emphatic

Directions: there are 10 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements For each of them there are four choices marked A),B),C) and D).You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on

Passage One

₤50m Print Works to Open

The city of Reading this week landed one of the biggest and most significant investments in the city in years --- a ₤50m print works that promises 1,000 jobs. The Scorpia Group, one of Europe’s largest independent printing companies, has chosen a site on Compton Way for its new plant. This was the former Hartland steelworks location.

Local leaders are delighted at the prospect of hundreds of highly skilled jobs and training opportunities being created in the Reading area. Robert Andrews, chief executive of the Reading City Investment Initiatives said, “The scale and nature of this project will give a huge boost to the local economy.”

The printing plant will offer top-quality and fast color production of magazines, catalogs, and other publications. The Compton Way site is owned by Scorpia’s development partner, which was asked to draw up plans for the site. The company has chosen the Compton Way site on the basis of its location, the financial grants that are available from the central government, and the local labor market.

The chief executive of Scorpia said, “The location of our new plant, with access to the road network and rail freight links, and the reputation of the workforce in the region had a big impact on our decision-making process. In addition, the attitude and cooperation of local authorities in Reading is a positive example to the rest of the country of how to attract new investments.’’

11. What is the article mainly about?

A. Job openings at a steelworks factory

B. Investment opportunities in Europe

C. The propose site of a new plant

D. New laws enacted by the Reading City Council

12. What is NOT mentioned as a reason for choosing the location on Compton Way?

A. It has good road and rail links.

B. It has been enlarged recently.

C. The government offers financial assistance.

D. Plenty of labor is available locally.

13. Why does the head of Scorpia praise Reading’s local government?

A. It has established strong ties with Europe.

B. It cooperates with the local news reporters.

C. It has encouraged development in the city.

D. It offers financial aid to residents.

Passage Two


Pacific Communication Technologies, Inc. (PCT) will be holding a job fair on Monday, February 22nd to fill numerous positions in its newly-opened Vancouver office. PCT, headquartered in San Francisco, is an international manufacturer of electronic components used in cellular phones, laptops and portable musical devices. Vacancies range from entry-level to executive, and include the following positions:

Marketing assistant ------ three years of related experience is required

Research Director ----- executive position with our research and development team

Patent Attorney ----- in-house counsel specializing in international patent law

Salesperson ----- multiple openings requiring previous technology – related sales experience

Translator ----- must be certified bilingual in Korean and Japanese, no experience necessary

The job fair will run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and will be held on the third floor of the downtown convention center. Attendees are encouraged to bring several copies of their resumes. Business casual attire is recommended. Interviews will be held on the spot for selected candidates. For more information and directions to the convention center, please contact Irving James, Human Resources manager, at ijames@pct.com

14. What is the purpose of the PCT’s job fair?

A. To fill multiple job vacancies

B. To open a new office in San Francisco

C. To move to a new building

D. To work in partnership with other firms

15. Which of the following could be considered an entry-level position?

A. Translator 

B. Marketing Assistant

C. Salesperson 

D. Patent Attorney

Passage Three


East Bus—maybe the best choice on your visit to the famous places of interest in Beijing.

Sit back, relax and see all there is to see, with no need to worry about driving, finding a parking place or leaving your car with no one to watch it.

We have lots of buses taking you to visit Tan’anmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven Park, the Olympic Center and the Great Wall. The whole tour will take you there three days.

Chinese & English speaking guides.

Booking by photo four days advance.

Tour price: ¥580.00 per person ( half price for children under 1.2m tall), including the ticket price,breakfast and lunch.

For more information, please phone Yong’ an Tourism Company at 010-23368688/23368689.

Add: 356 Chaoyang Road, Beijing.

Open 7 days a week.8:00-16:00

16. When they visit the places of interes on an East Bus, the visitor______.

A.need to watch their cars

B.have to worry about the driving

C.have to find places to park their car

D.can sit back and relax themselves

17. From the advertisement, we can see that East Bus is a kind of_________.

A.tourist bus 

B.village bus 

C.airport bus 

D.school bus

18. _______ on an East Bus can speak two languages.

A.The guide 

B.The driver 

C.The visitors 

D.The children

19. Children under 1.2m tall need to pay ____ for the trip.

A.230 yuan 

B.290 yuan 

C.320 yuan 

D.460 yuan

20. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The tour price includes six meals

B. Visitors can see six places within three days.

C. Visitors must go to the company to book the tickets.

D. The office hour of the company is eight hours a day.


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